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Helping Hawaii Island Locals Find Land

Hi there and welcome to Eightwindproperties.com where you can find great deals on raw, vacant land. We are a family run business and we are passionate about helping people buy raw land acreage the smart and easy way.  We believe the dream of owning land should be available and affordable to everyone regardless of credit scores, income or other financial restraints.  We pride ourselves for our integrity and we always put the needs of our customers first!


Why buy from us?

  • Our Prices:  We buy quality, affordable land at great prices and pass on the savings to you
  • Easy Finance:  No Credit Checks – Guaranteed financing!
  • No Prepayment Penalty:  No additional fees if you decide to pay the loan off early
  • Low or 0% Financing:  We offer low interest rates.  Many of our properties are interest free.
  • Simple Process:  We handle the entire transaction, all the paperwork and do all document recordings.
  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee:  We want 100% satisfied customers.

Eight Wind Properties was formed for the sole purpose of making low cost, high quality property available to the individuals and families for use as homesites, recreational land or investments.  We are pleased to offer vacant parcels across the country, but we specialize in properties on Hawaii Island. We are experts at acquiring land from off-island owners and we work diligently to sell the land to local people here on Hawaii Island at reasonable prices, often below the retail market, with easy financing options.

Our properties are offered exclusively for purchase via the internet.  This method allows us to sell high volume of property, at discounted prices.

Why Invest in Land?

Dream it …  Invest in it…  Build on it…  Hold it…  It’s Real, Tangible Property… It’s VACANT LAND

  • It’s Affordable:  Vacant land is the perfect starting point for new investors.  It’s a perfect hedge for seasoned investors.
  • It’s Limited Quantity: As population grows the total number of properties available dwindle. It’s yours to hold on to.
  • Easy, No Hassle Ownership:  No tenants, no maintenance, no emergencies.
  • Land is tangible:  Land will never disappear.  You can see it, touch it, use it.  It won’t wear out.  You can pass it on to your heirs.  It’s not like the stock market with volatile ups and downs.

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